Decoration Ideas
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Patches 1" to 3"

cat, blue anchor, white anchor, apple worm, small frog,
bunny, mouse, monkey, volleyball, cow,
worm, American Flag, sailboat,
butterfly, lion, football,
dog, chick, smiley face,
panda, soccer bear, bear in pocket

bee, little slugger, apple,
pup, ballet fairy, soccer ball,
moon, aligator, zebra,
giraffe, peace fingers, bear with bow

X = Sold Out

Elephant, hippo, big frog,
cat with butterfly, puffy dragon, puffy sheep,
puffy bear, puffy winged dragon, puffy airplane

Care Bear, Cat in the Hat, Heart Butterfly,
Strawberry Shortcake, Girl Power, Yellow Sunflower,
Sponge Bob Squarepants, Pink Panther, Fairy,
Hot Wheels

Add a Leather Rose Flower Pin to
a hat for only $4.99

Buy it separately for $5.99
or choose it as an
embellishment on a hat for $4.99.
Pin a beautiful flower on almost anything, including our hats.
Choose from: Yellow, Pink, Red, White Retro Daisy (4" Wide)
Pink or Peach Rose, Leather Rose, Black Rose
Burgundy, Pink, Lt. Blue or Dk. Blue Sunflower
Burnt Orange, Burgundy, Dark Pink, Pink, Blue, Dahlia
(sizes 1.5" to 2.5")

children's stash it pouch
Stash It Pouch
This handy little pouch velcros into the
top of baseball caps, buckets, and cowboy hats.
It's perfect for hiding little treasures.
Available in Teal, Red, Pink
Add $4.99
Buttons $9.99

Red Wood, Clam Shell, Medallion, Onyx,
Silver Ball, Gold Rose, Flower Wheel, Silver Cream,
Gold Daisy, Brilliant Silver, Silver Wheel, Hammered Brass

Studs $19.99 any design

Silver Diamond, Silver Round, Gold Round, Matte Gold Round, Big Gold Round, Gold Flat, Gold Bullseye, Metal Flat, Gold Star, Gold Teardrop, Gold Eye, Gold Triangle