Kids Baseball Caps
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Barbie Baseball Cap $14.99
Ages 3-6, Lavender or Fuchsia

Spider-Man Baseball Cap $14.99
Children's 4-7 or 8-18, in Black, Navy, and Red

Strawberry Shortcake Baseball Cap $14.99
Children's 3-6 in Fuchsia, Red, Purple

SpongeBob Baseball Cap $14.99
Boy's Navy or Black, 4-14, Velcro Closure
"No more Mr. Nice Sponge!"

Kids -100% Washed Chino Cotton
Polo Cap $12.99
Un Constructed, Antique Brass Buckle Closure. Now available in Pink and Maroon

Infant and Toddler's - 100% Bio-Washed Chino Cotton Polo Cap $12.99
Un Constructed, Elastic Band Closure.

Sports Themed Baseball Caps $19.99
100% Heavy Brushed Cotton and
Natural Material, Constructed with Velcro Strap
Soccer, Football, Baseball, or Basketball
Check out all the patches
Care Bear, Cat in the Hat, Heart Butterfly, Strawberry Shortcake, Girl Power,
Yellow Sunflower, Sponge Bob Squarepants, Pink Panther, Fairy, Hot Wheels
children's stash it pouch
Stash It Pouch
This handy little pouch velcros into the
top of baseball caps, buckets, and cowboy hats.
It's perfect for hiding little treasures.
Available in Teal, Red, Pink
Add $4.99

Fast Fact: Make sure to wear protective clothing and hats when you are in the sun.